Friday, May 2, 2008

EL-CO Color Labs: A Pleasant Experience

Just wanted to pass along a pleasant experience. Back on April 24th I posted a blog New Experience: Poster Prints where I mentioned that I had sent three photos to EL-CO Color Labs for 20x30 posters.

The posters arrived today and I just wanted to say that I am extremely pleased. The shipping was Sherman tank proof, well protected. The paper is very nice, slightly pebbled with a nice sheen. Colors were good but like everything else that I have printed they appear darker than they do on my laptop. For the ten bucks it is an excellent deal.

My only complaint is that they do not offer a 24x36 print. I have several frames. I would just have to take Janet’s photos out (when she is not looking.) I will have to order the 30x40 and border it like I did these.

Correction to the previous post. I am not sure what I was smoking when I calculated the size the images would be without the border. Somehow I came up with 14x17 but I should have said 14x21.

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