Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Blurb Book, The Many Faces of Janet

I received my fifth book from Blurb today, The Many Faces of Janet. I do not know that I can draw a conclusion but the three hard back books are much better than the two soft covers that I ordered originally. The most noticeable is the monochrome images.

Many of the photographs that are in the new book were also printed in the first book that I ordered, the journal of photographs taken in 2007. In the soft cover the monochromes were not only warm they were mottled. I do not know if they are using different printers for the soft cover books, but the sames images of Janet in the hard cover are neutral in color and do not have the mottled coloration of the first book. Actually the monochromes in both this and in the Me and My Camera are both very neutral. Much better than I have been able to print at home.

There was not a great deal of difference in the images in the two Spanish Missions books, even though one was soft and the other a hard cover, but they are all in color. I am extremely pleased with this latest book. Just makes me want to do more

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