Friday, May 2, 2008

Extension Request

Paul Saltzman and I have an assigned project, actually two. One is photographing our own hands. Among the rules is that no photographs could be posted prior to May 1st. I have been slacking off and am going to require an extension of the deadline but I thought that I would share an out take of the Hands assignment.

I have recently been exploring the photographic possibilities in one very, very cluttered garage and I am finding it very interesting even if it does not convince me to clean out the garage.

The Hands assignment turned out to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. The theme I wanted to pursue was also more difficult. So I am here begging for an extension.


  1. Consider that I asked for an extension for the Shadow theme, it is easy to agree to this. So when si thecomkpletiong of both themes due?

  2. How about the end of May or we can take longer. Maybe post what we have at the end of May and maybe even increase the number of images acceptable in each. The overcast weather in Houston is making the shadows project difficult also. BTW, It is darn good to hear from you. I've been and still am concerned.