Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28th

Lousy day. I'm down with this infection for the third time in as many months. Feel like I've been hit by an eighteen wheeler. It is cold and I am so tired of being sick and being cold that I can hardly stand myself. I think the only thing that would help at this point is to buy a couple of bottles of Southern Comfort, rent a cheap, trashy, rent by the hour motel room and throw a binge like I haven't seen since Liz threw me out. I know darn well I couldn't feel any worse and for a period of time wouldn't feel at all.

To top it off I need a couple of things printed so I stopped on the way to the studio at Office Max near where I live and it is closed. My area doesn't invest a lot in office supplies. So around eleven or so I drove down to West Gray and coming back got caught in the rodeo parade returning to Memorial Park. There are only three places to cross Allen Parkway and all three were blocked. I sit at one for over forty minutes before they U-turned everyone. Went to Half Price to kill time and drove around for awhile. Finally against my better judgment headed downtown. It worked out well. Was able to get onto Washington with is north of Allen Parkway and get home.

The first--okay--only pleasant thing to happen so far is that Jacob, one of the artist that had been at Aurora when I moved in came back to look at studios. I really miss having him and his wife Holly around so, selfishly, I hope he moves back. He is looking at the studio directly across the hall from mine. I call Jacob my eye-ball to eye-ball Otis. Either can talk my leg off. I'm a good listener.

Wishing my beautiful lady a wonderful 79th birthday.

Monday, February 23, 2015

1940 Air Terminal Museum

It has been a little quiet lately. For Open Studio last Saturday night I lost all my wingmen so I mostly hid out working on photos from the shoot that morning at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum with Houston Photowalks. Alcy and I had plans for today but spent most of the day shopping and eating.

Went to Panera’s for lunch. I wasn’t particularly hungry but Alcy said they had pretty good soup. Instead I opted for Mac and Cheese. I should have known it would be yuppiefied—shell macaroni and some white looking cheese. Wasn't all that bad but I craved a big chunk of Velveta to give it some down home flavor. Someone needs to introduce them to Mama’s Mac and Cheese with elbow macaroni and Cheese Whiz—now that’s good eating.

Got the rest of the week to myself so I picked up a few items to take to the studio for tabletop photography. Need to get out, hit some trash piles and scrounge up some really interesting grunge backdrop materials.

I have twenty some 18x24’s on the way so I picked up some new frames since they were  on for half price at Michael’s. And picked out a frame for the painting I recently got from Sue Lorenz, one of the artists at Aurora. So it was a fruitful day. Just wish this darn cold weather would go north where it belongs.

1940 Air Terminal Museum



Thursday, February 12, 2015

Work Gloves

ADDENDUM: I am going to have 18x24 posters made of the glove photos so I have reworked them and added a pair of yard shoes.

Aurora Open Studio

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


For a road trip that didn't produce much in the way of photographs it is sure taking a long time to tell about it.

I shoot crucifix for various reasons. These were shot mostly as documentation rather than content. I have just gotten into a habit of photographing crucifix when I encounter them. It is like randomness and other themes that I have repeatedly shot over the years. They are difficult for me to pass by.  Although, in truth, combining a crucifix with palm leaves, even if they are not exactly the correct type of palm, or with an open Bible or with a painting of the ascension leaves plenty of room for metaphor or context.

Crucifix from the graveyard at St Mary's Catholic in Ellinger...

 Crucifix on display at the Windish Historical Museum...

Crucifix from St Paul's Lutheran in Sebin...

Giddings, Sebin and the Wendish and St Paul's

Heading back, Alcy had heard of but had never been to The Downtown Café in Giddings so we made a stop for lunch. I highly recommend it. The following photo is not very good but I think it has historical significance. A few days ago I learned that Alcy had never eaten chicken fried steak. It was on the menu and she chanced it. She said she liked it but she might have been just being nice although I cannot imagine not liking chicken fried steak. Now I couldn't talk her in to the mustard greens which were outstanding. But sometimes it takes small steps.

Giddings is more authentic small town Texas. Bastrop, like most of the small towns around Austin such as Smithville and Gruene have become unnaturally yuppiefied to attract the tech workers. It is more like going to Disneyland than a small Texas town. I kind of feel sorry for them thinking that they are getting the flavor of a real Texas town.

The lunch waitress told us about the Windish Historical Center in Sebin so we did a detour. This is a small and very hidden gem. We got a good introduction to who the Windish were/are and the history of a previously to us unknown Painted Church, St Paul's Lutheran. The churches that we have visited in the past have all been Catholic. St Paul's is the only one of the Painted Churches that is Lutheran.

St Paul's is not as elaborate as some of the other churches but is it extremely interesting. The walls are three foot thick red sandstone that the Windish quarried and cut themselves. The exterior is almost fortress like and because of the building material, austere. They still hold German language services each Sunday and have members who are seventh generation descendants from the original 1850s settlers. This is some place that deserves a weekend photo trip.

Ellinger and St Mary's Catholic Church

Alcy knows much more about the back roads of Texas around Houston than I do. That is when it comes to where to stop to shop or eat. According to her, Hurusha's in Ellinger is a must stop for kolaches. I'm glad we did because we noticed a sign as we were pulling in pointing to St Mary's three miles up the road. The light was not good but we took a few photographs.


I did  a few shots in the graveyard but I only got a one of a crucifix that is a keeper.

Sometimes I make a major mistake and end up with something that I think is much better than I was going for. The following photograph is an example. I accidentally set the camera to DX mode which did a pretty severe crop that I did not notice until after takeing several photos. On this photograph of Madonna and Child, I would never have intentionally composed this way. However it is much stronger than the simple documentation that I had intended. DuChemin says that you still get credit even if it is a mistake.

Bastrop State Parrk

A few years ago Bastrap and much of Bulcher State Parks were devastated by a forest fire. There has been thousands of trees replanted but it is going to be years before there will be a recovery. Alcy thought we might find some abstracts in the burned out brush. I mostly worked on textures in rocks.