Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Serendipitous Moment

I have much I need to post to the blog and am finding less and less time to be able to do that. But first I want to post a photograph of Alcy's that I think is truly exceptional.

BREAKING NEWS: We interrupt this broadcast with an important breaking news--my hanging system arrived today. I hope to get it up tomorrow!!!! Then I can hang my photographs.

We were at Discovery Green to photograph the Winged City sculptures. I was shooting one of the pieces located on a knoll when Alcy noticed the light on the end of the pier below. Then she saw this couple and realized that he was about to propose so she quickly snapped the photograph.

I left an email address with the couple and do hope that they will request a copy of the photograph. Photography is a slice of time and often time is an important element in the photograph. Such is the case in this one. This is a slice of time that will only happen once. Sure it can be reenacted but it will never have that same spontaneity of that specific moment. The lighting, the background, everything came together for a really great photograph.  I am very pleased that she saw the moment and that she captured the moment.

Now, if I could only erase her name and put mine on it. Okay, maybe I shouldn't do that.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Open Studio Day

I am exhausted beyond belief. I started out at 7am taking more books and my monitor to the studio. Drove out to pick up a photo from Alcy that I wanted to use and to eat. Picked up homemade cookies that Alcy baked for the occasion. Got back to the house around two. Bathed shaved and spit shined for the Open Studio.

Michael Curso called while I was on the way. He was in the area so he dropped by to see the studio and stay for a good chat. Shortly after he left, Debi showed up. She hadn’t eaten and we were planning on being at Nance Hardy Studios at five to see some work Saundra Salter was exhibiting at their Third Saturday. (She sold two photographs so congratulations are in store for her first exhibit)  Grabbed burgers at Five Guys and headed over. Spent a little time with Saundra and touring a few of the other studios and back to Aurora.

Was extremely pleased with the number of friends that showed up. Carolyn’s daughter Kelly and her family was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I want to thank everyone that came. This is a little intimatating for me and your support is greatly appreciated. Several members of NWHPC came (Paula brought her friend Ann, Jerry and Darnell, Clayton, Kaaren, Dolores and Joe, Ed and his wife Susan and we had a good chat. Please tell me I didn’t forget anyone. Then Saundra and a friend, Laura got there just as we were about to leave) I met a few of the other artists, but not as many as I would have liked. I was really glad that Debi was there since Alcy had to work. I am and probably always be a social disaster just waiting to happen. Having a wingman was a life savor. Thank you, thank you, thank you Debi. Got to meet a few of the quests that dropped in.

In all I was very pleased that I decided to participate in spite of the fact that I really didn’t have anything hung. The room is so small that everyone had to take turns. I planned to take photos but was way to busy. Debi took a few, which I hope she will share. I was pleased that the other artists I met were so friendly and so willing to talk about their art. Met some really interesting people. I think I am going to find a home at Aurora even though it really isn’t a photography studio—or at least the one that I dreamed about. That may still come.

After over three hours on my feet I could hardly stand, much less walk. Thought they were going to kill me so I didn't last until the 10:30pm closing time. Got home. The house had been shut up all day and it was like a sweat box. I got rid of as many articles of clothing as was socially acceptable or possibly more and then realized the computer was still in the car. Sorry neighbors there was no way I was about to put on pants and no way I was going to leave the computer in the car overnight. Just hoped they and all their Saturday night friends were in the back yard. Alcy says that I shouldn't tell everything and she is probably right. As Popeye says, "I yam what I yam."

Now I am going to bed to pass out.

First Open Studio at Aurora Studios

Aurora is more a working studio rather than a gallery. Individual artist's works are on display in the common gallery area for viewing by the occasional visitor. However Open Studio is held once each month. The artists open their studios for viewing the work inside, live music and refreshments are provided. Tonight will be my first Open Studio. I am looking forward to it with some reservations--it's a little intimidating. Really haven't decided that I am an 'artist' or just a photographer that need a space to escape.I'll put on the persona and see where it goes. 

If you are reading this before 5pm Sept 20th you might still have time to drop by to see my space. I put out a couple of invites nnd got a few positive feedback. Hope to see a few of my friends there. If not tonight, maybe next month.

Aurora is located in the Heights at 129 Aurora Street, corner of Aurora and Harvard. That is four blocks south of 610 and one block east of Yale. Not hard to find at all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm In

Picked up the bookcase, table and office chair from Ikea today. Got them put together so I'm ready for guests. Hey, I have six extra chairs--not that you can get six people in the room but I prefer to be optimistic. Can't wait to get the hanging system so that I can get some photographs on the wall. Alcy brought me a pillow for lower lumbar support for a studio warming gift. Have a feeling I won't be sitting on it much.

This is the common area outside my space--the door on the far left (16). I haven't met the neighbors yet. Saturday is Open Studio and even though it will not have any photos hung at the time I will lean a few along the walls. Hope a few friends will show up. It's easy to find. Aurora St is four blocks south of the North Loop (610) and two blocks east of Yale on the corner of Aurora and Harvard.

The blank space is where I will be able to hang stuff for sale. 

As you can see, it is a little tight but it gives me room to work on the computer and do some stuff on the copy stand that I have been thinking about for sometime.. I want to start with an attempt to emulate some of the stuff that Henry Holmes Smith did with Karo syrup. I will be working differently since I will be using back lighting whereas Smith was actually doing photograms. 

The hanging system will not be here for a week to two. I may have to order more since I am not going to use the two wall units I had planned so I will have more hanging area. I look forward to working surrounded by my photographs.

I try to keep in mind that Stieglitz's Little Studio of the Photo-Secession, later the famous Gallery 291, was only fifteen feet square--that makes it easier to start small. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Move In Day

Got up early. Loaded the copy stand. Met Alcy for breakfast, met with Hans to pay the rent and started moving in.

When I first walked into the studio I rented I practically panicked—what was I thinking. It was half the size it was last week when I committed to renting it. It is smaller than the smallest bedroom in my fifties track house. There is a built in shelf that I hadn’t seen and only one electrical plug. It will be more ‘office’ than studio right now. That is okay. It will be a place where I can go to ‘work’, to meet with friends and possible clients/models and a stepping-stone to getting a larger area. I am a little disappointed that I told Hans to let someone else have the wall outside my area temporarily. Don’t want to back out on that right now but Hans said I could have it at anytime I wanted it. That is in the future.

Wednesday I will pick up a bookcase, table and office chair from Ikea. Spent an hour there this afternoon picking out what would work. I called about an extremely colorful rug I had been coveting but it had sold. Drove out to check out a place that had a large selection of frames at a good price but it was after they had closed. Will try that again because I am in need of a dozen frames for 12x12. Checked Ikea but they don’t have that size.

Wish I had been a little more observant when I took the copy stand apart. Having a little difficulty figuring out how to put it back together. After I post this I am going to order the hanging system

Friday, September 12, 2014

Coming Along

Monday is move in day!!!! Yesterday I  bought six chairs for the studio. They were a bargain. Need one more with wheels and will probably bring a few home--the studio is very small. I am borrowing a table temporarily from Alcy for a computer station. Have decided what hanging system I will purchase. And today I disassembled the copy stand and moved it to the living room ready to load up. I want a bookcase and have three to decide from, but right now that decision along with the hanging system will have to wait until I can take some measurement. Don't want much more except someway to organize the equipment and I think I have that figured out. Can't wait to start hanging photographs. I will have the wall outside my studio to hang prints for sale--not counting on much happening in that department but it again is a start. I told Bridgett, a painter that leases one of the studios that this is just a little intimidating and it is. Look forward to meeting the other tenants and committed to Hans, the owner, to participate in the monthly 'open studio' this month--probably should have waited until next month. I think it is the same night that Saundra is participating in the show at Nance Hardy--hope I can sneak by there before going to Aurora.

Communication is a little difficult right now because I am still waiting on the snail mail from ATT for a link to reset my email password.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guess I Will Fake It

I knew my request was going to be strange. I had no idea it was going to be so controversial. You could see the wheels turning trying to make such a strange request nefarious. I am positive that both of the women that I spoke with will be having nightmares over my request.

I wanted to purchase a price tag.
I wanted an authentic price tag, not a fake. They finally concluded that I could photograph a price tag on one of the available crucifix and that they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it as though they would be totally powerless against my evil intent.
I am doing a book of my Portfolio Review, The Price of Christ. On the cover I am using a photograph of a crucifix done in a cemetery in Galveston. I wanted to superimpose a price tag over the photograph. To me that sounds simple—in no way nefarious.
Yes, it will confuse many of my friends and relatives but most of my friends and relatives are already confused about me and my photography so that’s not much new.
Yes, I can fake a price tag that no one will know is not authentic and that I will do. It will probably be better than authentic by far.
Didn’t let that stop me getting four new crucifix photos and a couple freaky toys and a couple of miscellaneous stuff.

Had to go to Michael's to check on a frame for Alcy's Stinking Vegies photograph which she hasn't hung yet so I picked up a $1.99 package of blank price tags but I left them in Alcy's car so I can't work on it till next Wednesday. Got to find some grunge font to use for the rubber stamp.

In working on the artist statement last night I relized that it was a photograph that Hattersley took of a picture of Christ in the display window of an antique store that inspired my current project. I have been concentrating strictly on working with crucifix but I did notice a couple of pictures today so I photographed them also. 
Freaky Toys
Other Stuff

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Have a Studio...Well, Somewhat

The equivocating has ended, I put down the deposit this evening and tomorrow morning at 9:30 I sign the lease on a small studio space, Studio No. 16, at Aurora Studios located in The Heights. I can’t hardly call it a photographic studio because I have been in walk-in closets that are larger. It is not exactly what I wanted but it is a beginning. It is some place to go to work that doesn’t contain all the ghosts that I contend with at home. It will allow me room for the copy stand, a computer station and perhaps a book case. It might allow the possibility of headshots but anything else is out of the question. What it does offer is a community of artists that without the camera club has been missing. As much as I need it, I am lousy at engaging so we will see how that goes. Having the small studio means I am given preference as larger studio spaces become available. It also offers an open studio event once a month where it will be possible to display my work.

I am not sure you are supposed to start new ventures at my age but I am about to give it a try. The door will always be open to visitors but please call ahead. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Camaro Shoot

Alcy or Debi are always getting me into something new and different. This is a co-worker of Alcys that just bought a beautiful restored 1968 Camaro and wanted some photographs. I should have gotten to Humble to scout some locations before the shoot but I wasn’t exactly sure what she needed. It was hot and an hour or so in and we were pretty well done for. And of course, after the fact I thought of a dozen things I should have done that I didn’t.

We stopped to pick up some cold drinks as we left and I noticed an auto repair located in an old service station which would make an excellent nostalgic location. I went in and spoke with the brother in law of the owner who said we could come back on a weekend and use the location. I don’t know that Teresa will want to try a do over but if she does we have a location.




Sunday, September 7, 2014

500 PX Photowalk in Hermann Park

It is always difficult to do new things when you are reshooting an area that you visit frequently. However, I think that is good because at some point you have to start doing things differently. Notice, I didn't say better, just differently.

This is about the third night walk that I have done over this same area in the last couple of years.

Sculptures at Discovery Green

Nine new sculptures have been installed at Discovery Green, Wings of the City by Jorge Marin. Debi invited me to the opening Friday night. It was heavily overcast and threatening rain so the light was not ideal. I want to go back and try shooting them under various lighting even though they are going to present challenges because of the background. They will be here until February so I have plenty of time to try again. Will add the photos to my Outdoor Art in Houston project.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Themes from Galveston Trip

The Edge

Freaky Toys

The Crucifix