Monday, August 3, 2015

Sugarland Meet Up at Traders Village

Achim Burgardt, an organizer with the Sugarland Meet Up put together a shoot for the group at Traders Village. There were two stipulations: first you had to use a single focal length lens which was limited to telephoto and second, no cropping was allow of the images.

I shot with the 105mm macro and as usual my world is very small. Here are a few of the photographs that I posted to the Meet Up site.




Friday, July 31, 2015

Old Stuff

Been a dry spell--too much else going on so I am way behind in posting. Came across these this morning and thought I would share...


 Going back tonight with Debi Henderson for more fireworks.


And did a downtown with NWHPC

Monday, July 27, 2015

Not TooI Happy Camper

As I have been warning everyone, as of next week I will have a new Internet service and ATT will be gone—home phone and all. My hate relationship with ATT will finally come to an end.

The new service threw in a tablet. Now as most know my ‘teckie’ life came to an end ten years ago when Enovation closed the Houston office. Now there was a day when I could fumble through machine code, handle Edlin with ease, was very comfortable with PEEK and POKE and became pretty proficient in GWBasic, ATT’s answer to MS-Dos. And even ten years ago I could handle Visual Basic for Applications quite handily—but now I do not even want a smart phone. Those days are in the past.

When Verison threw in a tablet I have no earthly idea why I thought it was a good idea. I am struggling deciphering the stupid icons, finding where I need to be except by accident. Can’t figure out why it can’t remember a few basic things like my email address which I must have inserted dozens and dozens of times. Yeah, it was my fault. The one thing I have always liked about writing code is that if it doesn’t work or gives me the wrong answer I know for sure that it is my fault, not the machines. I actually like that because it is much easier to solve a problem if you know the source of the problem. So yes, most of my frustration is self-inflected but having cryptic icons with no explanations doesn’t help.

I was trying to set up my email account and most of my passwords were entered many years ago, all related notes is long lost and at my age remembering to zip up taxes my mental capacities. I am having to enter many things multiple times because I have to try passwords that I have used over the years in hopes that one might be correct. Finally after the umpteenth time, out of frustration at “the account number or the password does not match etc, etc,” I blurted out, “I don’t want to enter another dumb s(feces expletive) password.” In the process I must have hit the microphone key because the Google search screen popped up. When I saw it was searching for “dumb s**** password.” Alcy and I both rolled in the isle laughing. It was more politically correct than I had been and entered the asterisks.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Oft in the Stilly Night

I would rewrite Thomas Moore’s line, “Oft in the stilly night ere slumber’s chain has bound me,” to “Oft in the stilly night when slumber’s chain eludes me…” With me it is not a ‘before’ situation. It can happen at any hour of darkness—or even well after sunrise if I have not escaped the confines of the sheets.

Last night my head spun with things I would like to write about. But I won’t. Yes, I again heard that collective sigh of relief. It has been a dry spell—usually what elicits head spinning. Alcy and I did attend a meetup with the Sugarland group at the Kemah Boardwalk which produced a few photographs of fireworks. As usual in my self-deprecating fashion I will tell you the truth--I did not intend to do the photographs out of focus. My eyesight leaves much to be desired and I was not aware that they were out of focus—or that I had not set the camera correctly until after the fact. However, I have for some time desired to do out of focus photographs. I had thought more of crowds of people rather than fireworks but I take what I am proportioned. I actually like the photographs because the lines are much stronger and after all that is what a photograph is—lines, form, shapes, color. It played well with the images in my estimation.

But something of significance happened yesterday, I was visited by an old friend that I have not seen the last few years, John Edinburg. John was briefly a member of NWHPC and although we didn’t hang together a great deal, John left a very strong and lasting impression. I have missed his company, his photography. And to have John and his wife drop by the studio very unexpectedly was a great pleasure. I very much get the impression when I am around John that we have very similar thoughts about photography. I discovered that they do not live as far away as I had imagined. Actually they are not far from where Alcy lives. So I very much hope to find time to once again photograph with John.

I frequently say that I have lived a very charmed life. I say charmed rather than blessed because I am not sure that I am in any way entitled to being as richly blessed as I have been and greatly afraid that if I mention it too frequently that someone will start checking records and I will be required to make amends for my over indulgence.

I am somewhat taken back by the timing. Clayton Gardinier just recently moved away and shortly afterwards the possibility of John joining Alcy and I on our photograph forays seems too well orchestrated to have been chance. Okay, maybe I place more emphasis on serendipity than I should but you do have to question such things.

Okay, the remaining four and one half hours of philosophical meanderings of the night I will leave to another time—which means in truth I will, like a dream, forget it all before the next sunset. Okay, your prayers of gratitude are duly recorded.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Open Studio Time Again

Open Studio at Aurora is Saturday July 18th. If everything goes well and I get on the ball between now and then I will have several new crucifix photos hanging. Alcy is making cookies and everyone is welcome.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lighting Practice

Debi Beauregard invited me too help her with a shoot in Katy next week. It is taking individual portraits of a group of senior citizens. So we signed up for a class in studio lighting. Afterwards we came back to the studio for some practice and I was the only senior available.

She just received a new circular parabolic modifier that she wanted to try out. This shot was done using that single light with a grid.

This is a Woodard shot. I had to talk her into it. She was thinking that she would do the senior portraits from farther away, and we will. They will also be lighter. It's just not a Woodard if it's not dark and you are not sitting on the subject's lap when you take the photo. I wanted this to prove that if I can dish it out I can take it. So many people, friends and strangers, have put up with me poking a camera in their face that this is poetic justice.