Saturday, April 2, 2016

High Island Rookery Again

Yesterday, Alcy and I were on the road at 3am headed to the rookery at High Island. The lightening and thunder that filled the sky to the south  didn't bode well for success. From Spring it is probably ninety miles to the rookery so you have to start early to catch first light which is the only light worth having. Late evening light is flat and very unexciting.

Breakfast in Winnie put us at the rookery as the sun came up. The storms had abated and things were looking good. However the rookery is in total shadow until the sun rises enough to clear the top the hill. It was getting exciting. We were getting hints of backlighting and thought we were just minutes away from success when the sun went behind a cloud never to return. Well we gave it the proverbial college try anyway. Needless to say we shot photographs but not the photographs we were hoping for. Bird photography is like flowers--photography, pressing the button. The passion ain't there. I really thought that I was going to purchase a 600mm before we went this year and maybe--yeah I know the fallacy of this statement--a new piece of equipment that would make it more interesting. But eyesight won out and I guess seeing better for another year or so trumps a new lens.

A Matter of Disagreement is Observed
His de Niro Moment, "You Lookin' at ME?"
         A ferry ride across to Galveston, a few shots in the cemetery and pelicans on the fishing docks. During lunch at El Gusto Alcy got a call to come into work for someone that had called off. We ate and headed home. Not sure I am going to try the rookery again this year although there is still a weekend or two left.

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