Monday, April 4, 2016

Red Nose Day Comming Up

Have a few more rookery images to post. Slowly working my way through what I didn't discard.

But in the meantime Alcy and I did photos for Red Nose Day coming up next Friday. Once each year Walgreens sells red noses and other paraphernalia to raise money to fight world hunger for children. Alcy’s boss suggested that the employees do photographs that could be posted to a Walgreens web site. We went out today and shot a few. Friday we are supposed to photograph the employees in the store on FM2920 where Alcy works.

It’s kinda corny but sometimes corny works. And even if it doesn’t it can be fun…  You will notice there are no photographs of me posted here.

I do hope there are better blog sites out there for photographs. I don't know who wrote the software for BlogSpot but it is a damn frustrating disaster. If you are looking for a photo blog I sure advise looking elsewhere if you don't want to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to position photos each time you post and then giving up in sheer frustration.


  1. Well Gary I see you were able to get Alcy in front of the camera to be silly but I don't see any of you doing same, just saying...

  2. Yes, you are correct. I am a very serious person. Actually I played it pretty smart. I left my camera at home and when we got there I took hers to do the photos.