Sunday, April 10, 2016

Projects and Misteps

Paula Powers invited Alcy and I to attend a chamber music recital at the Silos. Love the symphony but not much into chamber music. As I wrote on Facebook, the last chamber music recital I sit through still featured the harpsichord. Although I couldn't resist a photo of the young man ahead of us with his ball cap turned backwards. Now we know how Johnny got mellow.

Each year Walgreens sponsors a promotion called Red Nose Days. They sell various silly items such as rubber red noses. The money goes to fighting world hunger for children. Alcy and I agreed to do a few shots that they could post on their website.

Sunday Alcy was signed up for a photoshoot at Brazos Bend State Park. It's not one of my favorite places but a couple of members of the meet up have done some pretty exceptional wildlife photos in that area lately so I decided to tag long. Drove over 140 miles and I shot one coot.

Because we had to stop by the studio for my lenses we arrived a half hour late and did not find the photography group. We were supposed to go to a café called Jays for lunch after the shoot. We didn't write down the address because we were thinking we could follow someone that knew where it was.

We put it in the GPS and the only Jay's that came up was located just off NASA 1 across from the entrance to Johnson's Space Center, some thirty plus miles away. We felt certain that was not the correct Jay's but since we didn't know where any other was we decided to give it a try. Actually, it was near Tookies where we do like to eat so we thought we would just drive by Jay's, take a photo, pretend we ate there and post the photo to the meet up group. Well, Jay's must have gone out of business because it was no where to be found. Went to Tookies then headed back to Houston.

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