Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Case of the Redacted 'a'

Alcy and I drove over to Katy to take Debi Beauregard to a birthday lunch. On the way back we stopped to purchase groceries. While I was looking through the frozen vegetables Alcy excused herself. She returned shortly holding high an aerosol can of whipped cream and announced that she was going to make me dessert and that it was going to be yummy. I could hardly wait to learn what kind of dessert I was going to be and how the whipped cream figured in. 

Well, that wasn't at all what she meant. It was more like she was going to make me a dessert. And of course the 'a' was not really redacted; it was assumed that it would be implied. Oh, well. The dessert was yummy.

Have been shooting a lot the last few days but finding little time to process. Still concerned about not seeing the amazing results I had, again assumed, I would be receiving from the first cataract surgery. Hope I am just being impatient. But this one has to get much better before I chance the second.

Worked a little recently on what may be my portfolio for the review in October, Small Manifestations. Again I am toying with one of my favorite subjects--death. I find the artifacts left at gravesites fascinating and wish to develop a portfolio around them.

Today was a very important day. It would have been Janet's 80th birthday. I can't believe it has been five years. But she is with me every day still.


  1. Happy Birthday to Janet. Hope your eye surgery will bring the results you need!

  2. Jan, thank you. I feel certain it will but right now I can't get the left one done until I feel comfortable with how the right is working. It is the right/distance, left/close situation and right now the left is doing all the work for distance. Don't need to close ups LOL.