Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why Do You Walk Through the Fields in Gloves...

When the grass is soft as the breast of doves And shivering sweet to the touch?  O why do you walk through.h the fields in gloves, Missing so much and so much?

The original photograph is simply water droplets clinging to the tips of pine needles that has been turned sideway.

Neither rendition is pine needles, or grass. The needles are still somewhere on a tree in Memorial Park. This is simply lines, forms, shapes, tones and color on a flat surface.

The photograph has been 'manipulated' to a point where it has lost its verisimilitude. I believe it is easy to look 'at' this image rather then looking 'trough' it. Is that good? Is it bad? I don't care. It is simply one of the ways I like to see this photograph. It gives me more pleasure than looking at the original. It is not the only way I could present this same image--maybe as a Christmas Tree.

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