Monday, March 7, 2016

POV in Your Hip Pocket

At breakfast this morning I was reading something that presented a curiosity. I began to wonder whether other photographers carried a POV or maybe several in their hip pocket. I have several pockets full of POVs that I carry with me. I never seem to know which one I am going to need when I head out. Some are very old and worn, new ones keep popping up. I sometimes question whether or not I have over used several; that they have become dull and tarnished. Maybe I should retire them but I don’t. Most still seem to me to provide what I need although I am sure many would love to see me discard some of them—things like the crucifix project which has gone pretty strongly for nearing ten years; or randomness that has been around since the 1950’s.

Not to compare my work to that of Stieglitz but I wonder how long he shot Equivalents? Or White shot Sequences? When they did stop, if they did, was it because they outgrew them? Did they just feel they had done everything they could? I don’t know. I don’t see much possibility that I will ever quit even though I do slack off on some for periods of time. I went out to shoot artificial women the other day and really couldn’t get inspired and it’s been a very long time since I have done a freaky toy. Totems I still do maybe three or four times a year depending upon the sky and the time of the day I am out.’’

I don’t know, just part of the questioning.

I was reading aloud a piece about themes and was asked if I thought about themes when I was shooting. The answer had to be yes, always. Maybe every time I press the shutter release I am not entirely sure but I often know that there is something about what is in the viewfinder that nags at my subconscious. Sure I do a lot of crap photography just to release the shutter. But I am always looking for the context, the metaphor, the juxtaposition. I don’t always find it but when I do it makes owing a camera worthwhile.




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