Saturday, January 3, 2015

The First Day of 2015 and Celebrating a Birthday

The first was Alcy’s birthday. The day was dull, overcast, rainy, blaugh—sum it up as depressing. If it had been the first such day it could probably have been overlooked but it was just one in a long series of dull days that we can frequently have during the winter in Houston. Photography was out so we decided to go to a movie.

Going to a movie with me is about as depressing as the most miserable weather. First I do not keep up with movies so I never have any idea what is currently showing. I have no idea if they might or might not be of any entertainment value. Add that to the fact that there are certain actors that I will not go to a movie they are in. Same for certain directors that are on my non-support list. Since this includes almost everyone in Hollywood you generally have to find a movie that has no one that I have ever heard of before if I am going to fork over money.

Alcy had a movie in mind, sorry but right now I can’t remember the name. We headed to a theatre up on FM2920, but it wasn’t showing there. Couldn’t decide on any of the movies that were available so we drove to a different chain on the other side of north Houston at 249 and FM1960. It wasn’t showing there either and again couldn’t make a selection. 

We went back to her place to find where the movie was showing and it was only at theaters on the south side of Houston so we punted on that one. Opened up the Internet and looked at a few trailers of the movies we could remember from the two theaters we had visited. I checked the actors and directors. Not surprisingly I had never heard of anyone in any of them other than Christian Bale in Exodus and I really don’t know much about him.  Where did all the actors go that I can’t stand? I could almost accept that as good karma except I knew this was merely an aberration.

I selected A Woman in the Night or something like that because cinematically it was the most interesting but Alcy has nightmares and doesn’t enjoy hers nearly as much as I enjoy mine to that was out. We finally compromised on Big Eyes, which was showing at both of the theaters so we went back to FM2920.

It was neither good, bad or indifferent. It wasn’t offensive or scary. Marginally entertaining and without all the political correctness forced on it by looking backwards and judging the past by the present it would have almost been tolerable. Would I have paid money to see it if I had known more about it—not likely. But then again that goes for almost any movie you might mention that has been made within the last thirty or forty years. And it was a considerable step above the last movie we went to see which thankfully I have forgotten both the name and the plot; had something to do with stealing money—I am pretty sure it had a plot although it wasn’t recognizable I feel certain there must have been one.

The next time we want to see a movie I am dragging out the VCR and my tape of On The Beach. That was made back when all we had to get excited about was nuclear annihilation and not all this wimpy political correctness crap.

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