Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Last Day of 2014

Not to complain about the year but here's hopping that today was assigned to get all the crap out of the way for the upcoming year. .

Yesterday Alcy brought her computer to the studio to work. Last night she called to let me know that she had the AC cord for both her computer and mine so we made arrangements to meet for breakfast this morning so I could pick up my cord.

We met, went to breakfast and then went shopping for me a new TV because my analog to digital converter box bit the dust a couple of days ago. No one had what I wanted in stock--24" max and preferably smaller. All sold out at Christmas so they say. Gave up on that and shopped for some items that Alcy needed for a flower photography project she has in mind. The only success of the day. I drove Alcy home and headed to the studio. On arriving at the studio realized that I had not picked up the AC cable. I stayed and read until around 4:30 when I went out to lunch. When I got back to the studio it was under lockdown. It is closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Well it ain't New Years yet. I came home.

Decided I would go to a movie--a very, very unusual thing for me to even consider. An obvious desperation move. There is not a movie showing I would pay good money to see. No movie, no TV, what am I going to do to entertain me. I think I may do a washing. That wouldn't do anything to help. I don't have a front loader so there wouldn't be anything to watch except a big brown box vibrating.

What a way to end the year.

My intent was to post the New Years Resolution which I hinted at a few days ago. It's on the computer at the studio so I end the year with a whine instead.

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