Saturday, December 6, 2014

Time of the Year

I have been a little lax in posting to the blog lately. This time of the year seems to get exceedingly busy even though I really never do anything. So this is catch up.

Have a party coming up at the studio so I thought I would make fudge (caveat, if I can use Alcy’s kitchen—she has a dishwasher). Found what was supposed to be super simple, super good fudge receipt. Alcy and I spent yesterday washing cars, grocery shopping for the ingredients and making fudge. The problem was that I left the receipt at the studio so we went by my memory. Everyone knows that seventy-five year olds have at best short term memory loss if not total memory loss. Of course we made the two most complicated receipts. Both are eatable (well almost) but neither is really very good. Next time I will take the receipt.

Today I volunteered to be a card runner at the Katy annual Santa Clause photo shoot. The card runner carries the media cards between the people who are taking the photos and the ones printing the photos. Santa was set up over a block away from where the printers could be plugged in. There were a couple other runners so I really didn’t do it too long. But I did determine that I was very grateful to Beauregard for inviting me to participate. Having had no children I need such occasions to remind me how terribly thankful I am for the lack of that experience. Although I would suggest that next year they think through the location (and backgrounds) of the events a little better.

Tonight I was supposed to do a night shoot but I got away from Katy a little latter than I planned and needed to go to both the studio for equipment and home for a coat. When I started out this morning it was supposed to be in the seventies so I wore a short sleeve shirt and no jacket. By the time I left Katy it was beginning to get pretty chilly. I got downtown and had no change for parking and didn’t know exactly where the group was at that time so I came home and ate a lot of fudge. I think my knee had already had about what it was willing to take for one day anyway.

I need to be at the studio at 9:30 in the morning to rendezvous with the Klumps and Michael Cruso to go to Galveston for Dickens on the Strand. The fudge I decided to eat was the one where we added way too much powdered espresso—stupid choice. My chances of sleeping tonight ranges somewhere between zero and nil. That’s okay. When I got home a new book was on the porch, Dan Winter’s, The Road to Seeing. When I ordered it I was not aware that it was 8x10, about twice the thickness of War and Peace and printed in about 8 or 9 point font. Even with reading glasses it requires getting within ten inches to make out the words—should be an interesting read that just goes on and on.

That’s about it except that I am feeling just a little sick right at the moment.


  1. Seems a little ironic that The Road to Seeing uses a font that will likely cause eye strain!

  2. Ironic is the word. Of course I might have exaggerated just a little bit. I am about a sixth of the way through and it is fascinating reading- It is as personal as what I write about my photography--so far it has been his life story on how he got into photography. That normally is not something that I would be interested in but surprisingly I have really enjoyed it.