Sunday, November 30, 2014

Something a Little Different

Just joined a new models group. Wont have a shoot for a few days but I thought I would do some practicing...

I have this saying that photographers are like minor gods snapping into creation their own little worlds. So maybe in my little world a knight from Renfest should really be standing in front of Pennsoil Place in downtown Houston, a painted face young lady should be peering over a water fountain at an antique store on Yale and the Dancer from in front of Jones Hall should be located in a shopping center in Katy. Yelp, my little world is just a bit confused on where things are located.

Or if Sophie visited the Grieving Angel at Lake Houston. Considering our current state of affairs, might I suggest that to replace the Statue of Liberty? This is getting to be fun. Now if I can figure some way to put me into a Lamborghini. Of course, if I ever got in I would never be able to get out so maybe that is not such a good idea.

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