Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Mullett

Sunday the Sugarland Photography Meetup scheduled a shoot at a place called The Mullett in the Almeda area south of Houston. I wasn't a member of the Sugarland group but Saundra Salter sent me an email and I quickly joined and registered for the shoot. Got to visit briefly with Rudy Hernandez a co-worker from the many years ago at Southwestern Camera. Rudy has had a successful run as a professional photographer and photojournalist. He has a highly respected reputation in Houston. The Mullett was an art supply/art studio affair but as I understand it the young man that set it up had been murdered and they were being evicted. Outside it is Alvagraphics on steroids. The graffiti is phenomenal and covered an area larger than Alvagraphic’s old building. Some fellow was there that let us inside to do some photographs.

The shoot ended fairly early and one of the women asked me if there was anything else in the area. The Kemah Boardwalk was the only thing I could think of so Sandy, Liz, Saundra and I headed over there. I had mentioned before I knew that Saundra and I would be going that if they go they should eat at Tookies. When we met up in the parking lot at the Boardwalk Sandy mentioned that they had seen Tookies and almost stopped. About that time Alcy called and when I told her where we were she said that we had better not go to Tookies without her—sorry it was too late for that. We went back over the Clear Lake Channel Bridge to Tookies before we started to shoot.
I probably haven’t eaten at Tookies more than a half dozen times or so times since Janet and I quit sailing and I have been there three times within the last three weeks. That’s okay, you can’t stop too often at Tookies for a No. 99, their specialty burger with a wine marinated patty. Great eating.

Here are a few of the shots from the day…



 I didn't do much at the Boardwalk but I did shoot a few of the rides.

As a matter of explanation; I do not generally put the borders around the images that I upload to Meetup sites. The image itself is resized to 1024 pixels on the long side before the border and occasionally I will take the time to add borders before posting to the blog, sometimes not.

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