Saturday, December 20, 2014

On Track

Debi called around noon to asked if I was on track. I had to ask track for what. Then she reminded me it was Friday and we were going to the Trans Siberian Orchestra at 4. A quick shave and shine and we met up at the studio at 2. Where we had parked last week was $20 and was full. We drove around the block and parked at a meter across the street from the lot for $2. Not a bad beginning for the night.

When Don and Carolyn arrived sometime before us they had been upgraded to box seats so we would not be sitting together. Not a problem. It was interesting. Were it ever on my bucket list it would now be totally off which is about the best that I can say. They had sort of tied it to gather loosely with a story about a young girl in an attic reading letters. Finally when the got to the last letter I thought the grand finale was getting near. They did a big production number with fireballs so hot they could be felt at the back of the arena and I thought that was it. But wait, there were several more numbers and another big production and more and more. There were at least three or four finales before the grand finale. I began to pray at the end of each number that the next would be the real grand finale. And people say that I go on and on.

Finally it was over and my ear drums could see some possibility of getting back to normal. If I hadn't been nearly deaf before I would surely be now. I had talked to Carolyn about going to dinner at Pappasitos over in the Hilton after the show and she had agreed, so we headed for Pappsitos. It would be a 45 minute wait. I suggested that we hit the Papasitos out on 1960 since it would be on their way home (but a thirty plus mile drive for me). I forgot about Christmas and Willowbrook Mall. Traffic was horrendous. We finally got there. Don and Carolyn were already there and had made a reservation--the wait time was one hour and 45 minutes. Oh well, it gave us an opportunity to sit and talk although we seriously considered crossing the street to the Coney Island. They were fairly close on the wait time. We drew a great server, the meal was excellent as usual and we all enjoyed it. Well except for the part where Santa and his elves were serenading off key--way off key. Sure appears they had been hitting the Tequila pretty hard. Debi and I got back to the studio a little after eleven and I should be in bed but  who can sleep when they are full of enchiladas, so very full of enchiladas.

It was a very interesting night to say the least. Now for the Christmas Party at the studio tomorrow and a photoshoot in Richmond Sunday. Going to do Christmas with Debi and Alcy on Tuesday, shoot with Debi on the 25th and with Paula and Debi on the 26. 2015 is going out with a bang if only I survive. I'm certainly will be hitting the Two Old Goats frequently.

[For those who do not know, I am not referring to anyone I know should you be confused. Two Old Goats is an essential oils ointment that helps relieve the pain of arthritis. I actually will not be hitting it, I will be rubbing it on my knee.]

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