Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I and the new Rodin in the sculpture garden at the MFA seems to share a similar opinion of the docent who didn't move when he noticed me trying to photograph the sculpture. I just shrugged my shoulder and said to myself, "It adds scale."

I once read a book about Rodin that mentioned that he had been rejected from an exhibition because it was thought that he had cast a mold from a living person for the sculpture he wanted to enter. Apparently he hadn't but assuming that to be the case the French must set some sort of world record for the size of their feet. There are three Rodins in the sculpture garden and on all three the feet seem considerably out of proportion to the rest of the figure--either that or he really had a thing about feet.

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  1. don't cha hate it when people act like that? but you're right - it does add scale! ;)