Monday, December 22, 2014

Model Shoots

Well, I wrote a post and then I thought better and deleted it. It was just more of my rambling about photographing children and about a woman I saw Saturday that took my breath away. Everyone knows everything there is to know about the first and don't particularly care about the second.

My photography seems very, very off track and right now I am not sure how to get it back on track. And maybe it is just the time of the year.


  1. I would have enjoyed reading your thoughts on photographing children!

  2. It was my usual rant that photographing people had to be more than getting someone to smile at the camera. I get very irrigated when kids are dressed up as butterflies, fairies, munchkins, Dickens' characters or adults for the purpose of taking photographs. It's like saying my kid is not good looking or interesting enough on their own we've got to make them into something else. Combine that with todays total lack of understanding style and it make for a pretty lousy photoshoot. One girl, probably seven or so had on enough lipstick to paint everyone in the Nutcracker. Model shooting is a whole lot like photographing flowers--the photographer is generally oblivious to anything other than the model. That as you know from my rants I consider picture taking not photographing. They can never seem to see the photograph only the subject matter.

  3. yeah i know what you mean. i general don't like any model photography myself posed and fake and trying to make statements i usually don't agree with or shock me (and always sell me). i do love spontaneous photos of my grandson, always have because he is a beautiful child and i want to see him smiling face. the problem now that is has turned 6 is that he doesn't want the camera snapping him and is never still. so i am lucky if i catch a moment when he is being "real" when i point the camera toward him. he either gives me a fake smile or won't look at the camera, etc. i have some sweet ones of him sick at christmas tme, but then it makes me sad to see him looking sick. i still can't get away from wanting him to look into the camera so i can see his beautiful little face, full on, even if he is flying at the top of a swing set. thanks for discussion.sometimes i post but apparently do not post (or you don't see it) but i still look at your blogs - always different and interesting stuff you're doing. i'm happy for you.