Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NWHPC Portfolio Review

Although I am no longer a member of Northwest Houston Photo Club I still sneak in to their meetings occasionally.  I am still an on-line member and that gives me an invitation. Tonight and tomorrow are the two most important days of the year at NWHPC--the Portfolio Review.

Tonight was the pubic showing. All the portfolios are on display and each photographer gets to give a statement about their work and take questions. Even though I can no longer participate I still think participating in the Portfolio Review is the best thing that an amateur photographer can do to advance their photography. For ten years I have watched the portfolios become stronger every year and for those that did not attend the meeting tonight you missed seeing some outstanding work.

Tomorrow is the nitty gritty when the portfolios are reviewed. That's a private affair and only those who have entered portfolios can attend. I would very much like to be a fly on the wall and hear the comments.

Do to a snafu at Doss Park the club's meeting room was cancelled at the last minute. Fortunately David Bahn offered the facilities of his church, St John's Lutheran. I am sure the unexpected last minute change in venue accounted for the unusually  low turn out to view the portfolios. That is unfortunate.

I just want to publicly offer congratulations to the photographers that participated and maybe chide those that didn't--you missed a great opportunity to move your photographer forward. I should have put aside my petty differences with the club and participated myself, but I didn't. I will participate in the Katy group's review toward the end of the month. It will be interesting because it will be an entirely different group of reviewers.

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