Monday, October 6, 2014

The Freezer Studio

The new studio is coming along. The overhead track light has to be repaired and there are still several pieces of furniture and some paintings left behind by the former tenant but that will eventually go. It is not as bright, clean, neat and tidy as the first studio but this is the place for bizarre photographers and I am looking forward to making use of it.

Had a great conversation with a friend yesterday about doing a group rental of a larger space--that is what I was hoping that the small studio would lead to. I'm locked in here until February but if we can swing a three or four way partnership there is a possibility of moving to Nance Hardy or one of the Street Studios where it will be possible to really do what I want to do.

I've still got the neon sign and the price list is still on the door. All I have to do is change my name to Andy and I might have a new and fabulous career. Okay, I cringed when I had to give Janet insulin shots so probably not.

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