Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ren Fest

I've been sticking pretty close to the studio and it is getting to almost look like a place to take photographs if you consider taking photographs inside a shipping container taking photographs.

It is beginning to look a little more serious. Even shot a photo or two.

But today I got outside to see if I can still take photos. This was opening day at Ren Fest. I was up at 4am and on the road by 4:45. Was the third car in line for preferred parking. I need to park as close as possible and even that is a long walk after spending the day there.

I took the Olympus because toting the Nikon and a 70-200 become awfully heavy. I wasn't liking what I was seeing on the LCD and it was embarrassingly slow so I only took a total of twenty-four photographs and cussed myself all  day for not taking the Nikon.

Got them on the monitor and immediately wanted to go back. A few weren't as bad as I had thought they were. Right now I am debating heading back there tomorrow morning. I'm pretty bushed but it sure is tempting. I already have tickets for Sunday week but I am not sure I can wait that long.


Okay, one lens on the Nikon, no bag to tote. I think I can do it. I survived five hours today and I think I can drag the Nikon around for five tomorrow!

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  1. love your images..look forward to other shots of Ren1Fest