Saturday, September 20, 2014

Open Studio Day

I am exhausted beyond belief. I started out at 7am taking more books and my monitor to the studio. Drove out to pick up a photo from Alcy that I wanted to use and to eat. Picked up homemade cookies that Alcy baked for the occasion. Got back to the house around two. Bathed shaved and spit shined for the Open Studio.

Michael Curso called while I was on the way. He was in the area so he dropped by to see the studio and stay for a good chat. Shortly after he left, Debi showed up. She hadn’t eaten and we were planning on being at Nance Hardy Studios at five to see some work Saundra Salter was exhibiting at their Third Saturday. (She sold two photographs so congratulations are in store for her first exhibit)  Grabbed burgers at Five Guys and headed over. Spent a little time with Saundra and touring a few of the other studios and back to Aurora.

Was extremely pleased with the number of friends that showed up. Carolyn’s daughter Kelly and her family was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I want to thank everyone that came. This is a little intimatating for me and your support is greatly appreciated. Several members of NWHPC came (Paula brought her friend Ann, Jerry and Darnell, Clayton, Kaaren, Dolores and Joe, Ed and his wife Susan and we had a good chat. Please tell me I didn’t forget anyone. Then Saundra and a friend, Laura got there just as we were about to leave) I met a few of the other artists, but not as many as I would have liked. I was really glad that Debi was there since Alcy had to work. I am and probably always be a social disaster just waiting to happen. Having a wingman was a life savor. Thank you, thank you, thank you Debi. Got to meet a few of the quests that dropped in.

In all I was very pleased that I decided to participate in spite of the fact that I really didn’t have anything hung. The room is so small that everyone had to take turns. I planned to take photos but was way to busy. Debi took a few, which I hope she will share. I was pleased that the other artists I met were so friendly and so willing to talk about their art. Met some really interesting people. I think I am going to find a home at Aurora even though it really isn’t a photography studio—or at least the one that I dreamed about. That may still come.

After over three hours on my feet I could hardly stand, much less walk. Thought they were going to kill me so I didn't last until the 10:30pm closing time. Got home. The house had been shut up all day and it was like a sweat box. I got rid of as many articles of clothing as was socially acceptable or possibly more and then realized the computer was still in the car. Sorry neighbors there was no way I was about to put on pants and no way I was going to leave the computer in the car overnight. Just hoped they and all their Saturday night friends were in the back yard. Alcy says that I shouldn't tell everything and she is probably right. As Popeye says, "I yam what I yam."

Now I am going to bed to pass out.

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