Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Serendipitous Moment

I have much I need to post to the blog and am finding less and less time to be able to do that. But first I want to post a photograph of Alcy's that I think is truly exceptional.

BREAKING NEWS: We interrupt this broadcast with an important breaking news--my hanging system arrived today. I hope to get it up tomorrow!!!! Then I can hang my photographs.

We were at Discovery Green to photograph the Winged City sculptures. I was shooting one of the pieces located on a knoll when Alcy noticed the light on the end of the pier below. Then she saw this couple and realized that he was about to propose so she quickly snapped the photograph.

I left an email address with the couple and do hope that they will request a copy of the photograph. Photography is a slice of time and often time is an important element in the photograph. Such is the case in this one. This is a slice of time that will only happen once. Sure it can be reenacted but it will never have that same spontaneity of that specific moment. The lighting, the background, everything came together for a really great photograph.  I am very pleased that she saw the moment and that she captured the moment.

Now, if I could only erase her name and put mine on it. Okay, maybe I shouldn't do that.


  1. Wonderful catch, Alcy! I do hope she said YES!!?!

  2. She did say yes. I am not sure that Alcy reads my blog. I think she gets all she can stand just listening to me go on and on. LOL