Monday, September 15, 2014

Move In Day

Got up early. Loaded the copy stand. Met Alcy for breakfast, met with Hans to pay the rent and started moving in.

When I first walked into the studio I rented I practically panicked—what was I thinking. It was half the size it was last week when I committed to renting it. It is smaller than the smallest bedroom in my fifties track house. There is a built in shelf that I hadn’t seen and only one electrical plug. It will be more ‘office’ than studio right now. That is okay. It will be a place where I can go to ‘work’, to meet with friends and possible clients/models and a stepping-stone to getting a larger area. I am a little disappointed that I told Hans to let someone else have the wall outside my area temporarily. Don’t want to back out on that right now but Hans said I could have it at anytime I wanted it. That is in the future.

Wednesday I will pick up a bookcase, table and office chair from Ikea. Spent an hour there this afternoon picking out what would work. I called about an extremely colorful rug I had been coveting but it had sold. Drove out to check out a place that had a large selection of frames at a good price but it was after they had closed. Will try that again because I am in need of a dozen frames for 12x12. Checked Ikea but they don’t have that size.

Wish I had been a little more observant when I took the copy stand apart. Having a little difficulty figuring out how to put it back together. After I post this I am going to order the hanging system

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