Friday, September 12, 2014

Coming Along

Monday is move in day!!!! Yesterday I  bought six chairs for the studio. They were a bargain. Need one more with wheels and will probably bring a few home--the studio is very small. I am borrowing a table temporarily from Alcy for a computer station. Have decided what hanging system I will purchase. And today I disassembled the copy stand and moved it to the living room ready to load up. I want a bookcase and have three to decide from, but right now that decision along with the hanging system will have to wait until I can take some measurement. Don't want much more except someway to organize the equipment and I think I have that figured out. Can't wait to start hanging photographs. I will have the wall outside my studio to hang prints for sale--not counting on much happening in that department but it again is a start. I told Bridgett, a painter that leases one of the studios that this is just a little intimidating and it is. Look forward to meeting the other tenants and committed to Hans, the owner, to participate in the monthly 'open studio' this month--probably should have waited until next month. I think it is the same night that Saundra is participating in the show at Nance Hardy--hope I can sneak by there before going to Aurora.

Communication is a little difficult right now because I am still waiting on the snail mail from ATT for a link to reset my email password.


  1. Jan, thank you. I am looking forward to the new adventure. Had to downsize a number of ideas but that is okay, it's a start.

  2. yes it is. and hopefully you'll "graduate" into a little more space one of these days. I really am happy for you.