Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm In

Picked up the bookcase, table and office chair from Ikea today. Got them put together so I'm ready for guests. Hey, I have six extra chairs--not that you can get six people in the room but I prefer to be optimistic. Can't wait to get the hanging system so that I can get some photographs on the wall. Alcy brought me a pillow for lower lumbar support for a studio warming gift. Have a feeling I won't be sitting on it much.

This is the common area outside my space--the door on the far left (16). I haven't met the neighbors yet. Saturday is Open Studio and even though it will not have any photos hung at the time I will lean a few along the walls. Hope a few friends will show up. It's easy to find. Aurora St is four blocks south of the North Loop (610) and two blocks east of Yale on the corner of Aurora and Harvard.

The blank space is where I will be able to hang stuff for sale. 

As you can see, it is a little tight but it gives me room to work on the computer and do some stuff on the copy stand that I have been thinking about for sometime.. I want to start with an attempt to emulate some of the stuff that Henry Holmes Smith did with Karo syrup. I will be working differently since I will be using back lighting whereas Smith was actually doing photograms. 

The hanging system will not be here for a week to two. I may have to order more since I am not going to use the two wall units I had planned so I will have more hanging area. I look forward to working surrounded by my photographs.

I try to keep in mind that Stieglitz's Little Studio of the Photo-Secession, later the famous Gallery 291, was only fifteen feet square--that makes it easier to start small. 

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