Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Have a Studio...Well, Somewhat

The equivocating has ended, I put down the deposit this evening and tomorrow morning at 9:30 I sign the lease on a small studio space, Studio No. 16, at Aurora Studios located in The Heights. I can’t hardly call it a photographic studio because I have been in walk-in closets that are larger. It is not exactly what I wanted but it is a beginning. It is some place to go to work that doesn’t contain all the ghosts that I contend with at home. It will allow me room for the copy stand, a computer station and perhaps a book case. It might allow the possibility of headshots but anything else is out of the question. What it does offer is a community of artists that without the camera club has been missing. As much as I need it, I am lousy at engaging so we will see how that goes. Having the small studio means I am given preference as larger studio spaces become available. It also offers an open studio event once a month where it will be possible to display my work.

I am not sure you are supposed to start new ventures at my age but I am about to give it a try. The door will always be open to visitors but please call ahead. Thanks!

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