Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Camaro Shoot

Alcy or Debi are always getting me into something new and different. This is a co-worker of Alcys that just bought a beautiful restored 1968 Camaro and wanted some photographs. I should have gotten to Humble to scout some locations before the shoot but I wasn’t exactly sure what she needed. It was hot and an hour or so in and we were pretty well done for. And of course, after the fact I thought of a dozen things I should have done that I didn’t.

We stopped to pick up some cold drinks as we left and I noticed an auto repair located in an old service station which would make an excellent nostalgic location. I went in and spoke with the brother in law of the owner who said we could come back on a weekend and use the location. I don’t know that Teresa will want to try a do over but if she does we have a location.




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