Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guess I Will Fake It

I knew my request was going to be strange. I had no idea it was going to be so controversial. You could see the wheels turning trying to make such a strange request nefarious. I am positive that both of the women that I spoke with will be having nightmares over my request.

I wanted to purchase a price tag.
I wanted an authentic price tag, not a fake. They finally concluded that I could photograph a price tag on one of the available crucifix and that they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it as though they would be totally powerless against my evil intent.
I am doing a book of my Portfolio Review, The Price of Christ. On the cover I am using a photograph of a crucifix done in a cemetery in Galveston. I wanted to superimpose a price tag over the photograph. To me that sounds simple—in no way nefarious.
Yes, it will confuse many of my friends and relatives but most of my friends and relatives are already confused about me and my photography so that’s not much new.
Yes, I can fake a price tag that no one will know is not authentic and that I will do. It will probably be better than authentic by far.
Didn’t let that stop me getting four new crucifix photos and a couple freaky toys and a couple of miscellaneous stuff.

Had to go to Michael's to check on a frame for Alcy's Stinking Vegies photograph which she hasn't hung yet so I picked up a $1.99 package of blank price tags but I left them in Alcy's car so I can't work on it till next Wednesday. Got to find some grunge font to use for the rubber stamp.

In working on the artist statement last night I relized that it was a photograph that Hattersley took of a picture of Christ in the display window of an antique store that inspired my current project. I have been concentrating strictly on working with crucifix but I did notice a couple of pictures today so I photographed them also. 
Freaky Toys
Other Stuff

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