Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sunday, 6/8, Wichita Falls, Flower Mound and Los Colonies

Sunday, we packed up and headed home with a planned stop in Flower Mound to visit Alcy’s niece. Before we left town we stopped a few places to photograph. I would love to spend a week or more just photographing the back alleys. The downtown area is pretty sad but has lots of interesting photo ops.

One of Wichita Falls' interesting buildings is known as the World's Smallest Skyscraper. During the oil boom a gentleman decided to raise money to build a multistory building. He advertised and got a number of backers. On the specifications he indicated the dimensions in inches. Everyone thought it was in feet. The building is four stories high. Each floor has only one room about twelve by fourteen feet. The investors sued but he won the case. It was determined he did what he advertised and that it wasn't his fault the investors didn't carefully read the specifications. Of course, shortly thereafter he skipped town.

The alleys in Wichita Falls are full of textures and interesting design. These  were taken in one of my favorite alleys.

We found a couple of interesting art objects to photograph. The oversized shopping cart is El Carreton by Alex Rubio.  

The next stop after leaving Wichita Falls was Alcy's niece in Flower Mound. They have a beautiful home on the outskirts of the town. Stan fixes one heck of a homemade hamburger.

Some years ago Robbie Britt had taken me to see the Mustangs of Los Colonies at Williams Square. Alcy loves horses and wanted to see them. The road is under construction, parking is difficult and it was getting late. The plan was to come back very early the next morning. Because of the rain that did not work out. Just sorry we didn't take more photographs while we were there.


  1. i won't try to repeat what i said in my first post (that didn't get posted) but are the1st and 4th ones HDR? wonderful images!!!!

  2. Jan, they are tone mapped but most people actually call them HDR. They were done in one of the Topaz packages I recently purchased. Don't remember which one since both Adjust and Clarify have a number of tone mapped presets. The look between tone mapped and HDR is often similar but HDR actually requires multiple exposures. These are all single exposure.