Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I suppose you could call Meers a town. There is hardly anything there but one restaurant--but that is enough to put Meers on the map. The restaurant has changed hands a couple of times since I first ate there over fifty years ago but it has always been worth the trip. It's worth driving from Houston, just for a Meersburger.

Alcy was wise and got the Mini, with a 4 oz patty--I went for the Meersburger, 8 oz, all the way. It is also available with a full pound patty. The burger is served in a pie pan--it is the size of the pie pan. They have their own herd of Texas Longhorns which supplies their meat although you can also order it with Buffalo. The meat is so lean that there is only 3% fat and requires no salt--it is delicious. But oh is it a lot of food. We originally ordered root beer floats to be served as desert but canceled it because there was no place to put it.

I thought we would miss the lunch crowd by arriving at 2:30. It was 3:30 before we got inside to order. To fill the time, Alcy struck up a conversation with a young man from Mississippi who was stationed at Fort Sill, the army base that borders the refuge. Thought sure I would be going home alone but she came to her senses.

Leaving Meers we stopped to photograph a herd of Longhorns in a distance and noticed this dead tree which made a much better photograph.


  1. I posted earlier this morning on previous post, but it didn't show up. Now sure where some of my posts go. Anyway, now I am very hungry for a hamburger. I'm going to look up Meers on a map (if I can find it) so that if we go through there on our way to Denver we can plan to split one of those suckers!

  2. Jan, it is just west of Lawton Oklahoma. I would recommend the drive up through Devol, Grandfield, Chattanooga and Cache to get an off freeway feel for southern Oklahoma but either way works. I do hope you are able to get there. Of course I understand that much of my feeling for the Wichita Mountains is nostalgia--returning to an earlier and very enjoyable time of life. And a Meersburger is well worth the trip.

  3. Unfortunately, Ronnie says we will not be going that way. Maybe another time!