Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monday, 6/9, Waxahachie

I recently returned from my fifty-seventh high school reunion in Burkburnett. Alcy went along because she wanted to see North Texas. I made it into a vacation and did a couple of other things since I was out of town. Normally I start posting with the first thing and go to the end but everyone reads the blog from the top down so they read about the last thing first. This time I am going to start with the last thing first so that when it is complete it will be in order.

Heading home we stopped in Flower Mound for dinner with Alcy’s niece. Had some great homemade hamburgers and a great meal. We spent the night in Lewisville, just north of Dallas. Our plan was to get an early start and be at the horse sculpture at Williams Square in Los Colonies for early morning light. It was raining heavily so we stuck around the motel until about nine. It rained all the way through Dallas so I decided to go out I-35 to Waxahachie and then cut across on 287 to I-45 at Ennis.

The rain had slacked by the arrival in Waxahachie so we stuck around for some photographs. While shooting the courthouse we struck up a conversation with a young lady that worked at the local radio station. She told us about a number of interesting. She asked if we had eaten yet and when we hadn’t she suggested The Dove Nest for a good light lunch.
This is a light lunch at the Dove Nest. Alcy got a salad but I wanted Andrew’s Rubin. It was much more than I should have eaten but I didn’t leave a scrap.

Alcy at the Dove Nest.

We drove out to see the Waxahachie Chautauqua. I learned that a Chautauqua is  octagonal shaped building that was used for public events. Normally it is pretty open on the sides but the building was not open today so we just photographed the outside.

 We shot a few photographs of the courthouse, visited the Ellis County Historical Museum and a number of antique stores. Didn’t find any crucifix to shoot but did find a few toys for the freaky toy project.

Our last stop before boogieing back to Houston was at Elm Branch Cemetery just south of Bardwell. Janet’s Great Great Grandfather, Thomas McGaha is buried there. The headstone was broken the first time we visited. Janet and I were concerned that the information would be lost and discussed buying a small stone to mark his grave. We never did. Since I was close I wanted to check on the stone. I was very pleased to see that the cemetery had embedded the broken stone in concrete. There were several stones preserved this way so I know it was not a family member.

After Bardwell it was a three or so hour run to Houston.

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