Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oklahoma Mountain Boomer

Of all my trips to the Wichita Mountains I do not believe that I have ever seen a Mountain Boomer before so I took a lot of photographs. No I am not going to post all of them.

The Boomer is actually a Common Collard Lizard. It got it's nickname possibly during the Gold Rush when travelers passing through their areas would mistake the sound of the wind for animal calls. Actually it is silent. It has a reputation for being dangerous but actually they can be very placid when raised from young as pets. Probably the reputation comes from the fact that the Boomer can run upright on it's two hind legs. That could be a little scary when combined with the very strong jaw that could inflect a nasty bite.


  1. Gary, only you could make a lizard look good! Like the way his body is framed. LOL

  2. Jan, thank you. Of course I can only take credit for the photographs. Like David Bahn, I am more than happy to give someone else the credit for the beauty of the subject matter.