Sunday, June 8, 2014

Burkburnett Class of 1957 Photos

Reunion photographs are posted to PhotoNet. Use the link on the right and look in the Most Recent folder.


  1. Gary, first of all, your prolificness continues to amaze me! I think you are making up for the time you were not able to shoot as much when taking care of Janet. Also, I am somewhat jealous of a good number of the Calvert images.I once had a photography teacher say that if you can't take a good image in your (literal) back yard, you can't take one elsewhere. In looking through them, I realize that I have been in the same town on the same street and not seen many of the things you saw. Sometimes I think I need to back off and get more of a scene, but after viewing these, I think I need to zero in and get less. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jan, thank you so much for the kind words. I was telling Alcy today that I thought my photography was either getting better or I was accepting lower standards. LOL I am strictly a zero in. I do not do well on the over all shots. We made a trip to the Wichita Mountains in south central Oklahoma this past week. My favorite photographs were of small plants living int he crevices or the rocks. Hope to get a few posted in the next couple of days. BTW, you are much closer to Calvert these days. Gary

  3. Yes, I will be. We're going to take a very circuitous route to CS but one of these days we hope to settle down there. Movers will be here today and by the end of the week we will be looking in CS, then plan to spend the next 6 weeks in Denver (visiting our kids) and have some travel plans after that. if they pan out, I hope to photograph enough to start Cowbright up again. I will look forward to seeing the Wichita Mtns images. Movers here in 10 minutes so will see them later. The day before (alley) were phenomenal.How did you process the first one - is it HDR? Also, how do you achieve the soft look with people images (Alcy and her niece)? I can assure you that you haven't lowered your standards!!! lol