Friday, June 13, 2014

Holding Court

This is a photograph that Alcy shot during the class get together at the home of Jerry and Pat McClure in Burkburnett. Pat is a member of the Class of 57 and they graciously open their home when we have our reunions.

That is me in the red shirt jabbering away about something. From Alcy's photographs I wonder if I ever shut up--maybe I don't. When I was young, a classmate, Henry Vaughn, gave me the nickname Gabby--not because I talked  lot but because I hardly ever said anything. He also said I had beady eyes and would probably grow up to be a gangster. Of course when I first married I was six foot two and weighed a hundred and thirty-five pounds also.

Life is so different when you grow up. I'm making up for lost time on the talking and will never see one-thirty-five ever again.

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