Saturday, June 14, 2014

May Spend Father's Day With Sophie

For the past year or so, Debie has been doing a series of photographs of a very decorative dress form named Sophie. I have never been invited to a photoshoot with Sophie until today when Debie graciously suggested that we do some traveling together tomorrow. So, Debi, Sophie and I might start the day at the Museum of Fine Arts for breakfast and then after visiting a new photo exhibit at MFA take Sophie on an outdoor art tour of Houston. She may be a country girl at heart even though she lives in Katy. She has spent most of her time touring small Texas towns and countryside attractions. 

There were eight 30x40 canvass of Sophie in Foto Fest this past February so it is time to start preparing her for the Foto Fest 2016 and Sophie really needs to familiarize herself with areas closer to home. Haven't got a confirmation from Debi as yet but I am on a roll with places that Sophie should see: The Diversity Sculptures on Allen Parkway (she should feel right at home there), the bridge over Memorial at Waugh, Eleanor Tinsley Park, the over look at UH Downtown and multiple fountains as well as Hermann Park. I know tomorrow is going to be hot but Sophie is well ventilated so she will survive; Debi and I may not. Hopefully Debi will let me post a few of the photos to the blog should the shoot take place.

I was really disappointed that I missed the Houston Photowalks shoot at Heritage Village in Woodville. I went online to RSVP but couldn't find the button. Took me a while to realize that the shoot was this morning--well before I decided to go. That was probably good because I am not completely caught up from the trip to North Texas, but I do enjoy shooting in Woodville. Thinking that it would be in a week or so I was all ready to head out again. Just glad I didn't make a motel reservation before I discovered my error. I did contribute though. Since I did not have to rent a car to go to North Texas I got on line and ordered four books from Amazon using the Photowalk link so they get a contribution to the kitty. 

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