Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Heading to a High School Reunion

A few days ago I took off to attend my 57th high school reunion. Just a bunch of old folks that grew up in the same small community get together to chat for a few hours and then all head back to their respective nursing homes. Okay, it's not that bad. For a bunch of mid seventies we're not doing too badly.

Alcy expressed a desire to see North Texas so I invited her along. We got an early start so that we could do a little moseying along the way. We stopped in Huntsville for an hour or so to check out Big Sam, Adicke's new studio and have a treat that Alcy said she had never eaten--a fried pie.

Stopped in Corsicana to pick up some sweets at the Colin Street Bakery and ended up the day being treated to a great dinner at Uncle Julio's in Grapevine by my favorite Democrat girl friend, Robbie Britt.

The next morning we met Otis and Carol Waddell for breakfast in Arlington and then headed on north.



Sam Houston is buried at Oakwood. There is an interesting group of unmarked crosses There must be a couple of dozen or more with no names at all. We were wondering if it was a paupers field or possibly prisoners from the penitentiary.

David Adicke's new studio is in the old school he attended in Huntsville. When this was on display in downtown Houston it was titled The Big Head. One of the ladies at the visitor's center said it was a sculpture of one of his old girlfriends. 

David thinks large. Big Sam is 70' tall and this head is probably 30' or more. Can't get much sense of the size from this photo.

At Corsicana I found a Yield sign attached to the railroad crossing sign. I thought that would be understood. Okay, there is a street that runs between the two railroad tracks that the yield sign applies to, but the photo is more humorous without that information.

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