Thursday, January 9, 2014


It says above that I can! What I wanted to post was self aggrandizement—that’s still coming—but right now I’m stuck with UPS. You know things are down the drain when the    U S Postal Service is your carrier of choice. Fed Ex has twice delivered software to the wrong address—only one of which I was able to have them retrieve and then only after it had been opened. UPS it getting to the point that any delivery of any value will not make it on the first day. They can get a twenty dollar order of business cards to you three days ahead of schedule but a laptop or a camera lens—they have to tote around an extra day. In the case of the lens this is the THIRD day that I have not left the house and am seldom more than twenty feet from the front door. The car is in the drive, the lights are on after dark and I was/am here. Got up at 5:30am yesterday because the laptop that they failed to deliver last month was sitting on the porch before 6am the next morning. Yet last night, the second day it was on the truck there was a post that the Customer Was Not Available at 7:35pm—a CYA job if I ever saw one. Didn’t get mad until then because that notation is getting to be a habit; this wasn't the first time it has happened when I stayed home all day. It’s best not to hack me off because I most likely have corporate on my cell phone. And I’ll call them again if it doesn’t make it by 5pm this afternoon.

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