Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Slow Day

Waiting for the lens for the Oly which didn't get delivered. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Very cool! (whatizit??) You are truly an artist with a camera. Who needs paint and a brush when they have a camera and your skills in the digital darkroom??

  2. Jan, thanks for the ego boost. I feel more doodler than artist but I do enjoy doing the extreme manipulations. They are my go-to when the rest of the world has practically bored me to death. This is actually a photograph of a small clock face inset into a piece of crystal that is shaped something like a fat sharks fin and two bottles of perfume. I shot it at the Antique Center of Texas and the photograph wasn't very good. The result is not a silk purse but it's better, or at least more interesting, than the sow's ear that was the original photograph.