Monday, January 20, 2014

Battleship Texas and the Heights

Alcy and I were joined today by a recently retired fellow photographer, Saundra Salter. We met for breakfast with no other plans. I suggested the San Jacinto Monument. Went out I-10 so that we could take the Lynchburg Ferry across the channel. I offered to treat to either the ride to the top of the monument or the fee for boarding the Battleship Texas. We decided on the battleship. As it turned out Saundra and Alcy got to the ticket counter first and paid their own way--plus Alcy paid mine. We never made it to the monument so I came out way ahead. I've always had good timing.

I spent most of the time looking for still life shots. I am not sure how long we spent on the battleship but by the time we left and had lunch it was too late to go to the monument. Look forward to seeing Alcy and Saundra's shots. 

Saundra had never shot in the Heights so we headed to West 19th since it was near where we had left Saundra's car. Got to Chippendale's thirty minutes before closing. They were very open to photographs and told us to take as much time as we would like. We tried not to over stay our welcome. I had never photographed in Chippendale's so it was something new. Boomtown Coffee redeemed themselves. The Latte Mocha made up for the Mayan Mocha we had the last time so they are back in my good graces. The atmosphere there reminds me of hanging out at Prufrock's on Westheimer back in the seventies except everyone is dressed a little more conventionally, the hair is shorter and they are buried in their laptops rather than backgammon. They still look as askance at old folks in their midst as we did forty years ago at Prufrocks.

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