Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Setting up Alcy's Blog

Spent most of the morning sitting at Chick Fil A setting up a blog for Alcy. Still lots of work to do before it is complete but it is to the point where she can post and comment on her photographs. Afterwards we visited her friend who is here for cancer treatment. We were on a side of Houston that we don't frequently visit to I thought we would find something new and exciting. Didn't. Called Beauregard and set up a dinner date at Red River Barbeque in Katy. Drove out Westheimer rather than take the freeway but spent most of the time just talking.

Didn't do much photography but we did stop at the Chocolate Bar in Rice Village, Alcy's favorite (but expensive) sweet shop to pick up a gift for her friend. I headed to Half Price Books rather than be tempted by chocolate I can't afford. As we were leaving I noticed a blob of paint on a blue door that caught my interest. Didn't have the camera set up so it took me a minute or two to get what I wanted. Alcy said there was a fellow sitting in his car watching me that looked very quizzical, trying to figure out why I was photographing the blob--why anyone would want to photograph a blob. Sadly, I don't really have an answer to either of those questions but below is the photograph so you can also question, "Why?"

Heading home from Katy I did my usual 'going home' photographs.Yeah, another, "Why?" But I have an answer to that one, "Because" To quote cummings (and I am correct this time--this is not Poe, it's actually cummings and one of my favorite cummings poems), "when god decided to invent everything, he took one breath bigger than a circustent, and everything began. when man determined to destroy himself, he picked the was of shall, and finding only why, smashed it into because."


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