Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lights in the Heights

Met up again with Larry, Jerry and Jerry's wife, Darnell, for a meal at Ruggles Green on 11th at 5pm. I had gotten to the Heights a little after four so I got a really good parking place, something that is hard to do later. We met up with Clayton but missed seeing any of the other members that said they would be there. The biggest challenge was staying in contact. Every once in a while someone would wander away and we would send out a search party. We shot until almost 9. I always enjoy Lights because it is one humongous block party. It was pretty cold so that seemed to cut down on the crowds some and not as many houses seemed to have entertainment. Missed finding the belly dancers this year, but I had a good time. Enjoyed the music. Last year I tried to capture the 'party' rather than the lighted houses. I decided to do that again. I can always go back with a tripod to shoot the lights but the party only lasts one evening. I did all hand hold, long shutter speed. I tried moving the camera vertically, horizontally, rotating, zooming during the shot and even walking along with the shutter opened for several seconds. Don't know just how many are going to work but I am looking forward to playing with the photos.

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