Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wreaths Across America

The first shoot Saturday was the annual wreath laying at the National Cemetery. I believe I have only missed one year out of the seven that they have been laying the wreaths. I got up at 5am to be at the cemetery at sunrise only to find that they would not let me in. I drove back to Denny's for coffee to kill time until the first shuttle left the park and ride at 8:30am. I was the only one on the bus. Told the driver when we arrived that it was like having a private stretch limo except it was twice as long. Met Larry Belt and Jerry Klumpp shortly after arriving. They left right after the ceremony but I wanted to stay to shoot some of the laying. However, my camera locked on f/9 and I didn't want to shoot on f/9. Fiddled with it but couldn't get it to cooperate. I did a very few photographs and gave up. Took the bus back to pick up the car. On the ride I decided to do a reset and that solved the problem. Then I drove out to meet Alcy for lunch between shoots. On a whole I am disappointed with the quantity of photographs. But they have changed much of the schedule. The Patriot Guard did not do the escort and that took away much of the photo ops.

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