Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ferry Riders

I often take photographs of the people on the ferry, but probably not the the extent that I did here. I am not sure how many trips we made back and forth, but there were probably three or four trips that morning and the same that evening. In both cases there was minimal light for most of the trips so almost all of the photographs are shot at high ISO. All were hand held and most were taken with the 70-200mm. So they are noisy, most are dark and some are not as sharp as would be desired for a competition print--absolutely none of that matters. I am very happy with the photographs. I am happy with the stories they tell.


  1. Just being honest here - I don't care much for most of these - I guess because I don't find them too interesting. Also something about people being photographed that don't know they're being photographed (as evidenced by high angle) is a little bothersome to me (voyeristic feeling, maybe?) But I will be quick to add that I've taken tons of photos of people who didn't know they were being photographed, so I'm not sure just what the difference is unless it's the camera angle. Maybe my blood sugar is a little low and I'm tired and just being overly critical right now?? Of course they are all technically excellent - because you took them. The one that stands out to me above all the others is #5 because of the lines within the frame. I can squint my eyes and appreciate it almost as much as I can taking in the details of the photograph. #2 has a little more interest than the others because of the angle (yes) and the interaction between the men in their unusual setting. My 2 cents, and that's about what it's worth.

  2. A lot of people share your view. But for those of us that do street photographer is it totally different. Street photography is not as much about the people as it is the human condition, how we all fit within that condition. I just ran down the images and what I see is how we interact with others, how we lose ourselves within ourself, how we relate to the world and to others. As you probably know, people are the only subject matter that I find of any true importance. Almost everyone of these photographs are photographs of me; who I have been, who I am and who I would desire or hate to be. Very little other than people and design interest me. I do photograph other things because everyone does, not because they stir emotions in me. It is important that we photograph from within ourselves and when I am photographing people I am doing that. As far as being voyeuristic, if there is a word that means the same thing that does not include the sexual connotation I would fully agree. And even if it is voyeuristic I would not find that repulsive--we are sexual creatures. These, in my opinion, aren't but probably only because there were not scanty clad women aboard the ferry. LOL I do not care whether they are candid, posed, aware or unaware--as long as there is a person in front of my camera I am happy. I am talking about me, I am talking about the world I see.

  3. Correction: "But for those of us that do street photographer it is totally different." My fingers got tongue tied.