Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This is for Paul and all the others that have insisted...

…that I show my photographs. I thought I was showing my photographs by posting them to the internet. If anyone wishes to look at them they can. Well that is not what everyone seems to think I should do. Not that I am convinced but I have agreed once again to give in and enter a juried show. You may remember I did that a year or so ago until I discovered that they wanted $100 entry fee for each of the five prints that had been accepted. I thought that wasn’t too bad since I understood that the fee included a 20x24 museum frame and mounting for each of the prints. When they decided the fee was going instead toward valet service and wine I backed out on the show. The entry fee here is much more reasonable so I am entering the following three extreme manipulations.

Garden of Supplication

Sounds of Strings

Darkness Reaching


  1. awesome, Gary. you will do well! have someone take a photo of you standing next to one of these with your blue ribbon (or cash prize?) when the show is over!

  2. Oh, ye who believe... Wish I had that kind of confidence. LOL It is a kind thought and I do appreciate it.

  3. Very creative. Your endless talents never cease to amaze me. Great work.