Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back to the Heights

Alcy had a doctors appointment on the south side of Houston. Afterwards we drove over to pick up Dolores Parks for lunch. Ate at Carter & Cooley Company on West 19th then walked around the area doing photographs.

A fellow came by that said he was about to call 911 until he saw the camera. Dolores is a very dedicated photographer. Either that or she was just rubbing it in that I can no longer get down. Well I can. It is the getting up part that I can't do.

I am trying to do a once a month get together with members of NWHPC for a discussion of reading photographs. One of the things we have been talking about is viewing photographs for what they are, line, tone, form and color. As a result I am attempting to do more photographs that require being seen as those four elements rather than as the subject matter. Since it is a difficult change in mindset I am trying to limit these to abstract images since they are easier to ignore the actual subject matter.


  1. Very interesting group. Nice to see you so proflic.
    Best to Alcy

  2. Paul, thank you. David and I are going to be doing some shoots in May. He is taking a sabbatical and wants to spend part of the time with a camera. As much as I enjoy shooting with Alcy and Debi going out with David will be a change of pace. I am getting a little more vocal, I think the monthly Reading class is promoting that. Had a great conversation with Dolores Parks and Alcy at lunch the other day. I am once again trying very hard to clarify my views on photography. Have also been reading a lot of stuff published back in the fifties and sixties which gives me strong clues as to how I developed my opinions. It's an interesting journey. Wish you were here to help out.