Saturday, April 13, 2013

Three Shoots

Today started out to be a shoot at the Japan Festival in Hermann Park. Alcy and I had driven through Hollywood Cemetery late yesterday during which we discussed the Catholic cemetery that borders Hollywood. You would think there wasn't a cemetery in the Houston area that I had not photographed but in spite of all the years I have photographed in Hollywood I had never visited the Catholic cemetery. It is difficult to get to once you are at Hollywood. We decided to get an early start and photograph there prior to meeting up with Debi and Dolores for the trip to the festival.

We arrived at Holy Cross shortly after 8am. It turned out to be much more interesting with more usable photographs than I got at the festival.


The Japan Festival ended with only three keepers.

Stopping by Alvagraphics to shoot some of the new grafitti yeilded more photos than the festival.


Not a lot of photographs but a fun day anyway.

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