Friday, June 17, 2011

Three from Today

We had the follow up hands on exposure class yesterday evening at Collins Park. Had a great time hope everyone went away with a little more knowledge of exposure. Sure appreciate David and Jerry helping with this one. I planned on going by Denny's on 1960 to see if they had got the IT guy to correct the AARP pricing but couldn't face driving that far on 1960 so I chickened out. I will check it at on 610 Sunday morning on the way to Katy.
The weekend is set up for two new experiences. Tomorrow I volunteered to photograph a flash mob. Can't say where just yet but everyone will dress in rat ears for mobbing a well known department store. I am sure that security is going to get pretty excited. Just hope they concentrate more on the mobbers than the photographers. I'm not entirely sure that seventy year old people are supposed to be doing this. LOL What to hay, I've had jail experience maybe I need a refresher. Then Sunday is the maternity shoot in Katy. Was hoping to avoid the bare belly button shots but it looks like that is what the couple wants. Hope we can talk them into a few that are more modest.

Today was pretty slow. I did get out an take a couple more of the table for one series. If I can just to one or two a day, by September I should have a pretty good selection for a portfolio. I only need ten or twelve max--no more like last year- way too many. Might even settle for eight. Just got to decided whether it is going to be color or black and white.

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