Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flash Mob at Memorial City Mall

First new adventure of the week end, the flash mob at Memorial City. It was a little disorganized so it was a little disappointing photo wise. There were about fifty people but they scattered out along the mall so it really didn't come off as a flash mob. Everyone wore rats ears and tails but they really didn't do anything together. They do three or four of these a year so maybe I will volunteer for the next one and it will be better organized.

I stationed myself midway at the Starbucks. They did a circle around Starbucks and then headed for the large food court. Unfortunately there was a prize for the participant that found the person with cheese on his tee shirt in the food court. Instead of staying organized they all ran to look for the cheese and my seventy year old legs would not keep up so all the shots I got were at Starbucks. It was unfortunate because I don't think most of the people in the mall actually realized that it was a flash mob because they never saw that many of them together at one time. The organizer had asked the photographers to concentrate on the reactions of the bystanders but there wasn't that much reaction. They should have stopped and sang Three Blind Mice or something but they didn't. It was interesting but not spectacular.

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