Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old Folks

Old folks sure lead a weird life--or maybe it is just me. After we married Janet had a pet name for me, Precious Darling Baby Bunkie. I kinda liked that one but long, long before it came on the scene she had the one that really stuck, Weird Woodard. I think she started calling me that within the first month after we met but she married me anyway five years later. So, maybe it IS just me.

Today I took on Denny’s and did my derndist to OD on caffeine. Tomorrow evening I will be teaching a follow up hands on class on photographic exposure at Collins Park. Then Saturday I have volunteered to serve as a photographer for a flash mob at Memorial City and Sunday I am helping with a maternity shoot in Katy and hopefully I'll make the evening service at the Canvas Church--missed the last two. The following Saturday is the Railroad Museum in Galveston and for the 4th I accepted an invitation to join a friend on the balcony at the Hotel Serella for the fireworks at CityCenter. You know, for a counry bumpkin stuck in the big city, life's not bad, not bad at all until I really think about it.

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